Relax and Find Relief From Pain

Stop by our shop for Kratom and CBD Products in Twin Falls, ID

Are you looking for an all-natural pain reliever? Churchman Jewelry & Idaho Artistry may have the answer in Twin Falls, ID. Kratom has been reported by many users to help with anxiety, coughing, depression, high blood pressure and withdrawal from opioid-based drugs.

Made from an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, kratom could be the pain reliever that's right for you. For more information about this product, contact us today at 208-734-5554.

When you're looking for CBD, choose a trusted supplier

When you're looking for CBD, choose a trusted supplier

In the market for CBD products? At Churchman Jewelry & Idaho Artistry, our inventory includes:

  • Coffees and teas
  • Capsules and gummies
  • Pain gels, muscle rubs and lotions
  • Tinctures and vape tanks
  • Pet products


CBD Products have been reported by users to ease symptoms of epilepsy, anxiety and joint pain. Stop in to ask about our variety of pain-relieving products today.